"These things are becoming a big problem, Dowling. Finally turning the tide of public opinion on the goddamn vampires. The mayor's talking to us about a new task force to deal with them. About time, you ask me. Y'know, it occurs to me we'll need someone to take point... you got any ideas?"
―Dowling 's sergeant offers him a new position[src]

The Vampire Task Force or VTF was a sub-division of the San Francisco Police Department which served as an official response to the emergence of zompires in San Francisco.


SFPD homicide detectives Miranda Cheung and Robert Dowling began investigating a mysterious case involving zompires, the new, feral breed of vampires following the destruction of the Seed of Wonder and subsequent end of magic. Zompires posed a significant danger since they lacked the intelligence to follow Harmony Kendall's rules which had allowed vampires to be embraced by the public; instead, zompires fed, killed, and sired indiscriminately.

Concerned about this new threat, Detective Dowling invited the heroic vampire Spike on a police ride-along to learn more about zompires and how to slay them. However, when investigating a nest, Detective Cheung was killed and sired, eventually being slain by her partner Dowling. Following this tragedy, Dowling's sergeant created a special police task force whose goal it was to hunt and kill zompires.

The Slayer Buffy Summers and teenage vampire hunter Billy Lane often aided Dowling and the task force.

Recently, because of prior experience in the occult, Olivia Williams was recruted like liaison for this division.

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