"Sachiko is very sad. She has no friends."
Vampy Cat
Buffy Comic Story
Vampy Cat Play Friend
Published in MySpace/Dark Horse Presents #19
Publication date February 2009
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Pages 2
Creative Team
Written by Steven S. DeKnight
Penciller(s) Camilla d'Errico
Colorist(s) Michelle Madsen

"Vampy Cat Play Friend" was a supplemental e-comic tying in to Season Eight, specifically issue #22, Swell. This comic acts as a commercial for the Vampy Cat Play Friend.



Sachiko and a Vampy Cat Play Friend

A young girl named Sachiko was being made fun of by three boys about her weight and how she smelled. As she left the boys, Sachiko met a kindly old Oni demon who gave her a Vampy Cat Play Friend doll as solace from the boys verbal harassment. While having a tea party with the doll, the three boys returned to make fun of her and her new toy. This time, the Vampy Cat doll became enraged because they made Sachiko unhappy and made them pay. The young boys' pain and misery brought Sachiko joy. As she and the Vampy Cat doll embraced in victory, the doll bit Sachiko in the neck, explaining that it could not help itself since the girl is so sweet. Sachiko then declared her love for the doll.


Vampy Cat

Behind the Scenes


  • This issue takes place before or during the events in Swell.



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