Vicki was the first New vampire to rise after the recreation of the Seed of Wonder.


Vicki awoke in a Zompire nest in Santa Rosita immediately following the recreation of the Seed of Wonder, the first Evolved Vampire. She was instantly aware of her new powers and flew out of the nest. Some time later, she led a gang of the new vampires, helping Buffy and the Scooby Gang clear a Zompire nest out of Santa Rosita before eventually turning on Buffy and attacking her after Buffy told her she had drawn out the fight so that Vicki and the new breed would be forced to flee or die from the morning sun. However, much to Buffy's shock, neither happened, and a brief fight took place where Vicki showed she had more strength than was normal for a newborn vampire, able to shove a car that was on its side.

Vicki is next seen in Buffy's apartment reluctantly agreeing to a modification on her new species' powers, preventing them from shapeshifting during the day. Vicki also agrees to follow Harmony's rules before storming out of the apartment, bitter at the new limitation on her powers.

Vicki is seen meeting Buffy and Harmony for a truce between the New vampires and the old breed. To this end, they become hosts of a fight club where Buffy and Spike have to fight their champions. A truce is made, and Harmony and Vicki take a liking to each other over their continuous provoking comments toward Spike and Buffy.


When Vicki awoke after being sired, she was initially outraged and attacked the Zompires. After realizing she could withstand sunlight, she instantly took to her powers and condition. Personality-wise, Vicki was proud of her race, and was outraged at Buffy's attempt to remove their powers, grudgingly accepting limitation during the daylight hours. Vicki enjoyed annoying Buffy and took joy in attempting to provoke her during the truce, she later struck up a friendship with Harmony after seeing the latter do the same insulting behavior toward Spike.


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