Vocah's Scythe was a weapon of Vocah, a warrior from Hell, who was able to generate this scythe when he placed his hand behind his back. He was capable of generating more than one scythe, as Angel removed one from the Oracles' body after Vocah had slain them and used it to kill the demon at the end of the episode. This is also the weapon that Angel used to cut off Lindsey's hand when he threatened to burn one of the Scrolls of Aberjian which contained the Shanshu Prophecy.



Behind the scenes

  • There were three Vocah Scythes made for this episode: two were metal for combat and one was rubber for stunts.
  • The metal "Caps" on the handles of the scythes were not welded in place until after the episode aired and can be seen falling off during the last fight sequence of that episode.
  • The rubber (stunt) scythe can be seen during the fight sequence at the end of the episode when it hits the floor and is stepped on by Angel.
  • Of the three Scythes that were made: One is owned by BuffyProps Founder: Paul Smith, one is still in the possession of it's maker and the whereabouts of the Rubber Stunt Scythe are unknown.

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