The Wan-Shang Dhole was a demon species, presumably with five claws and native to China. Wesley suggested it, along with the Cantonese Fook-Beast, as the possible demons Cordelia Chase saw in a vision.

Behind the Scenes

  • The dhole (or dole) is a kind of wild dog (cuon alpinus) native to Asia, where it appears as a hellhound in Indian mythology. The name is also given to hellhound-like creatures in European folklore, both Norman and Gothic. Thus the Wan-Shang Dhole was likely meant to be a type of Hell Hound.
  • The specific name "Wan-Shang Dhole" also appeared in a sixth-season episode of The X-Files ("Alpha"), in which it was a canine imported from China (similar to the real-world Tien-Shan Dhole), and was capable of taking the form of a man or of several different dogs. "Alpha," which aired two years earlier, was also written by Jeffrey Bell, who wrote "That Vision Thing," so this is probably an intentional reference.


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