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Comic Issue
Publication date April, 2001
Pages 32
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Amber Benson
Christopher Golden
Penciller(s) Terry Moore
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Terry Moore
Inker(s) Eric Powell
Colorist(s) HiFi Design
Letterer(s) HiFi Design
Wannablessedbe photo cover

Willow & Tara: WannaBlessedBe is an one-shot from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic comic book series.


Willow and Tara were skipping an astronomy class in order to have a picnic when Caitlin, a friend from the Wicca group they had left, rudely invited herself to join. Willow and Tara quickly left. Later that night Willow, Anya, and Xander went to the Bronze to listen to a band. While discussing Caitlin, they bumped into the leader of the group, Kelly, who began ripping on Caitlin, but Willow angrily stopped her. Willow felt guilty for the group ostracising Caitlin, but at the same time didn't like how she was coming between her and Tara.

Meanwhile Caitlin came to Tara's dormroom, having found a spell she wanted to try with Tara. She began reciting the spell, but Tara stopped her while accidentally calling her an amateur. Angry Caitlin stormed out and ran away into the woods. She tripped, fell, and the book fell open on a certain page. She used the spell on that page, which summoned Morrigan, which attacked and killed Stacy Barrett and Kelly Eisen.

The next day Willow and Tara found out about this and realised someone was killing members of their wicca group. They visited Caitlin in her dorm, who admitted guilt, but insisted that she had no idea this would happen. In the hallway, Tara explained to Willow that Morrigan was powerful and evil Celtic deity. With Giles and Buffy unavailable, Willow decided to warn the other girls, while Tara went into research mode. When Willow found another girl, Dana, dead, she hurried back to Tara

Meanwhile Tara and Caitlin had been researching, during which Caitlin tried to hit on Tara. Willow entered just as they were holding hands. Tara quickly explained nothing was going on and Willow accepted this. Next, Tara explained that she had an idea on how to stop Morrigan. Caitlin wanted to help, but Willow and Tara refused.

Later that nights, all the remaining members of the Wicca group were gathered. While Caitlin explained the situation to them and then Willow and Tara took them into the forest to begin their magic. Morrigan came and attacked but was held off by a spell. With their combined powers Willow, Tara, and the other girls defeated Morrigan.

The next day all the girls had a picnic together, when Caitlin approached them again. She apologised for her behavior and told the group she would not be doing much magic for some time as she had become the group president of the wicca group. While she left Willow and Tara remarked that Caitlin would probably cause them more trouble yet.


The story was set after "The Replacement", but before "Out of My Mind".



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Pop Culture References

  • Tara mentions Yogi Bear.


Tara Maclay: "I don't think either one of us alone could have done it."
Willow Rosenberg: "But all of us together... That's where the magic is."
- WannaBlessedBe