"I've been indexing the Watcher Diaries covering the past two centuries. You'd be amazed at how numbingly long-winded some of these watchers were."

The Watchers Diaries were a collection of journals, logs and diaries kept by Watchers throughout the centuries. The main focus of the Diaries were the actions of the Slayer, though few contained information about their deaths.


"Slayer is willful and insolent. [...] Her abuse of the English language is such that I understand only every other sentence."
―One of Giles' initial entries about Buffy.[src]

In 1998, Slayer Buffy Summers stole the Watchers Diaries from her Watcher Rupert Giles to study Angel, the vampire she was romantically interested in.[1]

In 2000, Buffy suffered a near-fatal encounter with a vampire and studies the Watchers Diaries to learn more about previous Slayers' deaths, and how to avoid making the same mistakes. However, she found the journals lacking any details about the Slayers' deaths, which Giles speculated may be because the Watchers found it too painful to write about.[2]

Following the Twilight apocalypse and Giles' death, Angel and Faith Lehane used his diaries to deal with his unfinished business.[3]

In the 23rd century, Slayer Melaka Fray found an old Watchers' sanctuary and read through the old journals, learning about her predecessors.[4]


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