The "We Hate Cordelia Club" was an anti-Cordelia Chase "organization" set up by Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris.


The "We Hate Cordelia Club" was set up by Willow and Xander during their time at Sunnydale High School for the sole purpose of hating Cordelia Chase, who at that time was a bitchy queen bee who was rude to both of them. It was disbanded when Xander started dating Cordelia, and she became an official member of the Scooby Gang. The disbanding of the club for this reason also briefly caused a rift in the friendship between the two founding members, as Willow looked upon this as a betrayal.



  • This club was only mentioned in Innocence.
  • It is possible that there were other members, since Xander Harris was treasurer and in democracies like clubs the treasurer is below the president and vice president at least. Even if Willow had been president, in a proper democratic system used for even unofficial clubs, there would be one other member at least to fill the role of vice president.

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