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This apartment was the apartment belonging to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce until that he was recruted by Wolfram & Hart and Los Angeles in 2003.

Prominent Events


  • Wesley gets back grave wounds caused by a policeman zombie, on wheelchair
  • Wesley break his relation with Virginia Bryce
  • Wesley was attacked by Skilosh Demons
  • Wesley make feel guilty and crie for to have tried to assault Winifred Burkle under Billy Blim's influence.


  • Wesley gets back grave wounds caused by Justine Cooper
  • After he was fired from Angel Investigations, Lilah Morgan visits Wesley and offer him a rare edition L'Enfer de Dante.
  • Wesley was illegally consulted by Charles Gunn for to obtain information for extract a Sluk Demon from Fred.
  • Wesley had sex with Lilah.
  • Wesley captures and imprison Justine for that she reveals the location where is buried Angel.
  • The apartment was a temporary base used by the short-lived demon hunters, guided by Wesley.
  • Wesley spies and overheard Lilah orders the capture of a amnesiac Cordelia Chase for to extract her Apocalypse's vision
  • Lilah offer a Medieval helmet to Wesley before to see Fred's paper "Super Symmetry and P-dimensional Subspace" published in the journal Modern Physics Review.
  • Fred visit Wesley for to obtain help for revenge against Oliver Seidel. This last envoy a demonic text message phone to Fred, opening a demonic portal.
  • Wesley was contacted by Lorne for to participate to a ritual for to restaurate Cordelia's memory.
  • Wesley had sex with a jealous Lilah, disguised like Fred.
  • The morning after the rain of fire declenched by The Beast, Wesley break his relationship with Lilah.
  • Ater that The Beast was killed, a blessed Faith Lehane destruct the bathroom wall during her shower, frustrated of to have don't capture Angelus.



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