What You Feel is one of the songs from "Once More, With Feeling", sung by Sweet and Dawn Summers.

The video

After awakening in The Bronze and being forced to dance by Sweet's wooden-faced henchmen, Dawn collapses in front of the stage, where Sweet is revealed, though only his feet are shown, and the camera pans up to reveal the rest of his body, including his face, as he tap-dances down the stairs. Beginning the song, Sweet alters the coloring of his suit and tie from red to blue, before shocking Dawn by removing his still-singing mouth with his bare hands and replacing it. Continuing the song as his henchmen dance, Sweet claims that he has been brought here by Dawn's "invocation", pulling out an open scroll before hypnotizing Dawn into dancing with him.

During a pause in the song, Dawn, in response to the lyrics, asks, in a somewhat hopeful manner, "So, you're like a good demon, bringing the fun in?" Sweet simply chuckles and shakes his head before continuing to sing, explaining that, with his presence, all those in the city he is in act as though they are in a musical, which begins a build-up of energy that eventually leads to those acting as such spontaneously combusting. To emphasize it, Sweet conjures a doorway, which opens to reveal one such individual, who collapses to the ground and is reduced to ash upon impact. Explaining that he intends to take Dawn back to his "kingdom" as his queen, Sweet emphasizes it by altering Dawn's clothing into a blue dress. Proceeding this, Sweet sings some more, while Dawn, also in song, tries to explain that the two of them wouldn't work out, ultimately informing him that her sister is the Slayer in the hopes that he will release her.

During another pause in the song, Sweet becomes genuinely interested, but instead of letting Dawn go, sends his henchmen out to find Buffy and tell her what is going on, wanting to "see the Slayer burn." Proceeding this, he finishes the song.

In the reprise, Sweet, upon discovering that Xander was the one who summoned him, ultimately changed his mind about the whole thing. Sarcastically informing the Scooby Gang that they "beat the bad guy," Sweet breaks into yet another song, informing the Scoobies that they have now revealed all of their secrets, and on the final note, laughs and teleports out of the Bronze in a dramatic fashion.

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