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Btvs This article's subject is part of the alternate timeline known as the Wishverse.
For the original timeline equivalent, see Scooby Gang.

This article is about a subject whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a title, nickname, or alias.

The White Hats: Giles, Nancy, Larry and Oz

"Oh swell. It's the white hats."
Xander Harris[src]

In the Wishverse, White Hats was the term used by the Sunnydale vampires to refer to the group of Scooby Gang-esque vampire hunters led by Watcher Rupert Giles - a reference to cowboy movies in which heroes wear white hats and villains wear black hats.

Though they were meant to undermine the Order of Aurelius, they lacked enough resources to actually hurt them, and the Order viewed them as little more than a nuisance. They traveled around by van and were armed with crosses to repel the vampires. However, they seemed to show little ability to slay vampires, as, though Willow and Xander were repelled by the White Hats' crosses, they seemed less afraid than the Hats who all kept their distance from the vampires and fled after rescuing Cordelia.

Giles was responsible for ending the Wishverse when he shattered the pendent that gave Anyanka her powers and undid all that happened as a result of Cordelia's wish, showing the efforts of the White Hats were not completely in vain.



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