Btvs The subject of this article is non-canonical.
While created as part of licensed material, the novel series Wicked Willow takes place in an alternate universe, and as such is not part of the "real" Buffyverse.
This article is about the trilogy of alternate universe novels. For other uses, see Willow.

The Wicked Willow trilogy were three original novels by Yvonne Navarro.

Wicked Willow: The Darkening

Tagline: 'A new power is rising in Sunnydale'.

Struggling with an increasing addiction to magic, Willow is crushed to find she cannot stop using her powers for the one she loves. It grows worse, however, when Tara is shot and killed by Warren, who had been trying to shoot Buffy. Losing herself in grief, Willow allows herself to be overwhelmed by the powers of dark magic. Determined to get revenge on those responsible for Tara's death, she begins her descension into evil. In the woods outside of Sunnydale she extracts a terrible price from Warren, Tara's murderer, by flaying him alive. Buffy, Xander and Anya arrive too late to stop her. Revenge is not enough to satisfy a grief-stricken Willow. Her friends hope to halt her trail of vengeance and magic-collecting before Willow does more damage.

Wicked Willow: Shattered Twilight

Tagline: 'A new power has risen in Sunnydale'.

Willow's own coven has turned against her. Willow is condemned for saving Buffy from an evil phantom and for not adequately protecting other coven members. Willow must devise a way to restore their confidence in her, and reinforce her power. In truth, she battled the phantom because Tara's ghost asked her to do it, even though it would lower her status in the coven. Willow seeks infallible magic. Buffy and the Scoobies still hope to fight back, yet do not want to lose Willow forever.

Wicked Willow: Broken Sunrise

Tagline: 'A new alternate history trilogy'.

Tara's ghost has disappeared. Willow suspected it was something she had done or that the universe was again conspiring to hurt her. She soon learns that the Scoobies are responsible. Willow desperately wants Tara to return. She misses the spectre's company and Tara's ghost is needed to perform a resurrection spell Willow hopes to use to bring Tara back to life. Her first impulse is to bring wrath upon the heads of her old friends, but the coven reminds her that in the past Willow's anger has controlled her, leading to subsequent failure. Willow must use an alternate idea to regain Tara's spirit and perform the spell to bring her back to life. Meanwhile, the Scoobies want to drain Willow's dark magic, and release fellow Scoobs Spike and Oz from enslavement. Willow's anger is deep; she may stop at nothing to carry out her plans.

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