This article is about the 2012 mini-series. For other uses, see Willow.
Comic Series
Willow: Wonderland
No. of issues 5
first last
Wonderland, Part One Wonderland, Part Five
November 7, 2012 March 6, 2013
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Jeff Parker
Christos Gage
Penciller(s) Brian Ching
Editor(s) Scott Allie

Willow: Wonderland is a comic book limited series published under the Season Nine banner.


After the breaking of the Seed, Willow set out on her own to visit other dimensions and find a way to undo the End of magic.


The events take place after "Family Reunion, Part Four", but before "The Watcher".



The series has included 5 issues, which were later collected into a trade paperbacks.


Cover Title Issues Release Date
WW1A Wonderland, Part One #1 November 7, 2012
Written by: Jeff Parker Artist: Brian Ching
With the disappearance of magic, Willow Rosenberg lost the very thing that made her tick. Armed with Buffy’s broken scythe, and fresh off an adventure with Angel and Faith, Willow is ready to find a solution on her own terms. The world can’t live without magic—and neither can she!
WW2A Wonderland, Part Two #2 December 5, 2012
Written by: Jeff Parker Artist: Brian Ching
In a strange new dimension, many unexpected encounters guide Willow on the quest to return magic to the world. While she's increasingly better at keeping her darker self at bay, her mystery companion---Marrak--- encourages darkness, making Willow wary of his intentions while dependant on his knowledge of this magically abundant realm. Just how far down the path of volatile magic will she go to get what she wants? And whom might she find there?
Willow3a Wonderland, Part Three #3 January 2, 2013
Written by: Jeff Parker & Christos Gage Artist: Brian Ching

Willow has found someone she's been missing since Earth was cut off from other realms. But her ultimate quest to restore Earth's magic is flailing ... Her search is pulling her one way, her companion another, and a newly encountered society of witches has a completely different idea for the future of Willow.

WW4A Wonderland, Part Four #4 February 6, 2013
Written by: Jeff Parker & Christos Gage Artist: Brian Ching
Willow struggles to keep her cool when she discovers that her traveling partner—Marrack—isn't who she thought he was. With magic at her full disposal, she can easily convince him to spill any and all secrets (right?) while they continue their journey to get home with magic in tow . . .
WW5A Wonderland, Part Five #5 March 6, 2013
Written by: Jeff Parker & Christos Gage Artist: Brian Ching
Willow's search for magic has led her to some strange worlds with mysterious creatures, fantastical spells, lost love, and new friends (as well as enemies). As her journey speeds toward its end, Willow lands within a rather morbid landscape where the greatest evil she'll have to confront is herself if she's ever to make it home again.



Cover Title Issues Release Date
WWTPB Wonderland #1-5 September 3, 2013
Written by: Jeff Parker & Christos Gage Artist: Brian Ching
Armed with Buffy’s broken scythe, Willow has entered another dimension and begun a quest to somehow, someway, against all odds, bring magic back to Earth. She must keep her darkest self at bay while she battles demons—the scaly and horned type as well as her own!

Library Edition

Cover Title Issues Release Date
Bs9v2 "Season 9 Library Edition, Volume 2" #11-15, Willow: Wonderland #01-05 June 3, 2015
Written by: Andrew Chambliss, Christos Gage, Jeff Parker, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg Artist: Georges Jeanty, Brian Ching, Karl Moline
This deluxe hardcover edition collects Buffy's Season Nine Volume 3 "Guarded" and the "Willow: Wonderland" mini-series.