This is the spell Willow Rosenberg cast in hopes of finding Rupert Giles, Faith Lehane and Andrew Wells, who were captured by Twilight and taken to his headquarters. Instead, she ended up finding the corpses of multiple Slayers who were killed by Twilight's forces, thus discovering the nature of Buffy's power enhancements. 




Willow cast this spell while levitating in a meditative position surrounded by a cluster of multiple candles. Chanting the incantation allowed Willow to conjure a sphere of magical energies that gradually envelop her entire body and make her disappear from her current location and reappear in another in a matter of moments. Teleporting through this spell multiple times does not require her to say the incantation multiple times. However, Willow does say that she is not very fond of teleporting as it makes her gassy.


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