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Buffy talking to Willy in the bar

Willy's Bar was a demon bar in Sunnydale owned by Willy. Its name was later changed to "Willy's Place" to give it some class.

In 1997, the vampire Angel threatened Willy while the bar was closed but then apprehended by Kendra Young who, after a brief battle, locked Angel in a cage within the bar, only for Willy to save him from the sunlight that would shine over the cage space through a window.

A year later Willy and the bar was attacked by the Sisterhood of Jhe, causing some destruction.

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Riley and Sandy at Willy's Place

In 2000, the paranoid Riley Finn threatened a human patron at the bar just for walking while he made a scene because he found Buffy Summers associating in a place full of demons. Despite his previous anti-demon stance, Riley drank at the bar months later while another bartender was present. There he drowned his sorrows and nearly consumated with a vampire named Sandy.

It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale by following the Battle at the Hellmouth.


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