"Become a vampire, there's nothing to fear. Nothing but one girl. That's you, honey. Back then... It was her."

Xin Rong was a Slayer active in China before and during the Boxer Rebellion.


Xin Rong was active as the Slayer in the year 1900. She was a skilled Slayer who was very close to her family, and knew of her destiny. On June 18, 1900, the vampires Angelus, Darla, Spike, and Drusilla came to Peking (now transcribed in English as Beijing), China during the Boxer Rebellion. The Slayer fought Spike in a Buddhist temple and managed to physically scar him over his left eyebrow with her sword despite his vampiric healing factor. She had Spike pinned up against a wall, ready to stake him but an explosion outside rocked the building and she lost control of the situation. In the end, Spike won. Before he killed her, her last words were, "Tell my mother I'm sorry," (trad. 告訴我媽媽對不起 simp. 告诉我妈妈对不起) in Chinese, to which Spike replies, "Sorry love, I don't speak Chinese." He then drained her of her blood, leaving her in the temple to burn after feeding some of her blood to his lover Drusilla.

When Spike fought the insane and traumatized Slayer, Dana, she initially addressed him in Chinese as her damaged mental state caused her to use her Slayer knowledge to "fill in the blanks" in her mind, allowing her to draw on Xin Rong's memories of her fight with Spike, causing him to assume that Dana was possessed by a Chinese demon before Angel discovered the truth.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was portrayed by Ming Liu.
  • Xin Rong's name was revealed in the Spike & Dru comics.
  • Ming Liu also portrayed a newly activated Slayer in the series finale Chosen. She appears onscreen after Buffy begins to fight back after being taunted by the First. During a string of scenes depicting the Slayers over-powering the Turok-Han Vampires she can be seen wielding an axe against one of the Vampires.