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"Know that Yamanh of Hoht has killed the Slayer! Scream his name, dance his clan's warstomp, for his is mighty and merciless!"
―Yamanh of Hoht[src]
Yamanh de hoht 1

Yamanh of Hoht

Yamanh of Hoht was a powerful demon and the leader of a demon horde at war with the Slimefolk, the Ravenclan and a tribe of fairies and one of insectoid demons. He was responsible for the death of one of Buffy Summers' decoys. Finally he was stopped by a group of Slayers led by Satsu.


Yamanh was a demon of superhuman strength and resistance, capable of defeating a Slayer.


Satsu and other slayers coming to help Buffy (decoy) in the war against Yamanh and other demons


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